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Barry Louvaine's House

Ping us! BBM: 2B694095 WhatsApp 07944 242 611.

Item Name Price
Tattoo Starting Price £30
Custom Horly Rate £70
Half Sleeve (design dependent) From £250
Sleeve (design dependent) From £500
£25 Piercing Offer £25
Navel £25
Eyebrow £25
Nipple £25
Labret £25
Madonna £25
Rook £25
Tragus £25
Nipple £25
Helix £25
Nostril £25
Ear Lobes £25
Conch £25
Tongue £25
Medusa £25
Anti-Tragus £25
Diath £25

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@BarryLouvaine Sep 12, 14:01

Ink by Maz. Maz is back from holiday. Catch her every day except Tues and Sun. #tattoo

@BarryLouvaine Sep 01, 11:50

Jake's sons of anarchy tattoo by Bon. #tattooshop #barrylouvaine #earlsfield #earlsfieldtattoo

@BarryLouvaine Aug 29, 16:39

Bank Holiday Monday..No more space today, but we are open for walk-ins tomorrow from 12-6pm. #tattoo #barrylouvaine

@BarryLouvaine Aug 29, 15:20

Bon has been busy inking Jake today. Thanks to everyone who dropped in today so far. #tattooshop

@BarryLouvaine Aug 28, 16:36

Open 12-6 for tattoo walk-ins. (sorry no piercing). First come first served, bookings take priority. #tattoo #ink

@BarryLouvaine Aug 20, 09:51

Clevage implants by out piercer Orlando. Walk-ins today 11-6 and Sun 12-5 #tattoo #barrylouvaine #BodMod #ink

@BarryLouvaine Aug 14, 22:51

@NellJosephineB sorry for late reply. We do walk-ins from 12 daily. 02089466840 is best for latest space.

@BarryLouvaine Aug 11, 17:22

Navel piercing by Orlando. Catch him Thurs-Sun. Walk-ins from noon. #barrylouvaine #pierced #earlsfieldtattoo #ink

@BarryLouvaine Jul 02, 18:14

Snake Tattoo by Bon. All day session today for Jake. #tattoo #snaketattoo #snaketattoos #snake

@BarryLouvaine Jul 01, 12:37

@sparticus88 glad to hear. Sorry again, I'm not so good at social media!

@BarryLouvaine Jun 28, 10:18

@sparticus88 hey sorry this somehow slipped through the net. usually a piercer every day except Tues.

@BarryLouvaine Jun 27, 11:01

Painted ladies: why women get tattoos

@BarryLouvaine Jun 18, 12:23

RIP Leopard man. He lived in the shop in the 1980s. Together they created the worlds largest…

@BarryLouvaine Jun 11, 11:58

Owl tattoo by Maz. We have walk-in space this weekend if you fancy some ink. #tattoo #barrylouvaine #owltattoo #ink

@BarryLouvaine Jun 08, 12:39

Tattoo by Maz. Maz has walk-in tattoo space today and Saturday pop in if you fancy getting inked! #tattoo #inked

@BarryLouvaine May 25, 11:18

We are open this Bank Holiday Monday for walk-ins from 12-6. Tattoo by Siner. #tattooshop

@BarryLouvaine May 23, 14:21

Maz is working the Great British Tattoo convention. The shop will be open as normal over the Bank Holiday weekend.

@BarryLouvaine May 22, 12:32

Tattoo & Piercing walk-in space today until 5pm. Walk-ins first come first served. #tattooshop